Process transactions across all channels without storing card data

PXP’s Tokenisation service allows any business wishing to remove sensitive card data held on its infrastructure to tokenise this information via our data centre.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce PCI Scope
  • Negate risk from potential cyber threats
  • Offer a user-friendly payment experience
  • Store card data to perform certain tasks, such as matching refunds with sales, reserving accommodation, or releasing pre-booked tickets for collection

The creation of tokens does not significantly impact transaction processing time, meaning there’s minimal impact on the speed of service at busy sales periods.

The Tokenisation Service is also available retrospectively. If you have card details stored, PXP Financial can tokenise them without completing a transaction, so you can deliver a consistent experience to customers through consistency on the back-end.

As well as being backwards compatible, tokenisation also helps set your business up for an omni-channel future.

Tokenisation works across sales channels, geographies and sub-brands within your group. This single template helps minimise considerations and costs when expanding cross channel or cross-border.

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