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“Seamlessly navigating the complexities of digital payments, PXP proudly supports cruise operators in their journey towards innovative and hassle-free financial experiences.”

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PXP Financial understand the needs of the cruise industry. We have more than 30 years’ experience in the sector and have built long-term relationships with many cruise brands and tour operators.

Our completely integrated, multi-channel, multi-currency payments solution is used by leading operators worldwide.

Find out more our about our solutions and how we can help in our case study below.

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Manage your point of sales setup from one place and accept payments with a solution that connects your terminals with a POS application. We offer direct integrations with retail systems and a varied portfolio of mobile and countertop terminals.

PXP integrated solution helps you simplify operations, streamline processes, and deliver best-in-class customer experience.

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Keep your business safe with point to point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization features.

Estate Management & Data

Manage all your devices remotely via an API and use the power of data to make informed business decisions.

Multiple Features

DCC on entry device, gift cards, multi-language on device support, failover processing, offline / online PIN, store & forward, robust user management tool.


Accept payments directly from the terminal, without a POS application. You don’t need any development effort or integration with other systems, making it the easiest and quickest way to start taking payments.


You can also use it as a fallback option for your existing POS setup as it works in absence of an Internet connection.


The PXP Standalone solution supports wide variety of transaction types relevant for retailers and comes with a robust reporting suite.


Customisable Layout

Create a personalized skin for the Standalone App to look like your corporate design and promote your brand. You can use the default PXP skin too.

Speed & Efficiency

Standalone solution is your quickest way to market that entails all key features of a POS system making this setup cost-effective and efficient.

Multiple Features

DCC, one time password registration, reporting suite, estate management, and a robust user management tool.

Value-added services for the cruise sector

From pre-authorisation of services, such as excursions, to ensuring a seamless check-in service, we let your passengers buy what they want when they want it via periodic top-up authorisations in line with their spending on board. This protects you without impacting their credit line unnecessarily.


To speed up embarkation and on-board sales, PXP Financial offers offline processing. This enables transactions to be stored if ships are in ports where internet connectivity is poor, or at sea and out of range, and then forwarded when connectivity resumes.

Reduce data security liability

Whatever value-added services you’re looking for, PXP Financial can provide them — everything from cruise industry-specific card acceptance to risk management and tokenisation. PXP Financial's solutions are PCI-DSS Level 1 certified.

Remote Terminal Management

When ships are not in port for long, operators need a payments infrastructure that is easy to deploy and maintain. The PXP Financial-hosted solution runs on our host with little to no configuration required client side, making deployments quick and simple.

Accept payments online on any device, wherever your customers are.

We give you instant access to an end-to-end stack of expertise, and a service that will help you get paid online and provide a frictionless payment experience, catering for all your customer's payment needs. With multiple payment options and currencies, you can scale up quickly if you need to.

120+ Payment Methods

Multi Currency & Multi Language

Offline Processing & Pre-authorisation


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