Omnichannel tokenisation

Seamless and secure payments with robust tokenisation technology

PXP’s Tokenisation

Use tokenisation service to process transactions without storing payment data.

Future Proof your business

The Tokenisation Service is also available retrospectively. So, if you have card details stored, PXP Financial can tokenise them without completing a transaction, so you can deliver a consistent experience to customers through consistency on the back-end.

As well as being backwards compatible, tokenisation also helps set your business up for an omni-channel future, as it works across sales channels, geographies, and sub-brands within your group. This single template helps to minimise considerations and costs when expanding cross-channel or cross-border.


better conversion rates that with regular tokenisation solutions

Use scheme tokens across different acquireres (unlike regular tokens)

Improve overall customer journey for card users

Tokenised transactions is a security measure in which sensitive payment information, such as credit card numbers, are replaced with a unique, random set of characters – a token.   

  • Reduced risk from cyber threats 
  • User friendly payment experience
  • Reduced PCI scope
  • Crucial for succesfull customer loyalty programmes

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