Enhance guest experience while traveling

Enhance the guest experience

Make payments an invisible part of the journey for your hotel, spa, restaurant and bar guests. 

Business Insights

PXP Financial has a rich heritage of providing prestige hotel properties and hotel chains, plus smaller boutique, and independent properties, with payment capabilities that complement the guest experience, while ensuring security and reliability.


Online payment gateway

Seamless shopping experience with our hosted checkout, offering a wide variety of alternative payment options, tailored to customer preferences.


In-person payments

Integrated POS solutions, available in both mobile and countertop formats, along with versatile standalone POS systems designed for simplicity and efficiency.


Omnichannel customer journey

Comprehensive insights and tokenization solutions, designed to secure and reward every interaction, boosting customer engagement at every touchpoint.
  • 10 acquirer connections
  • 25+ technical partner integrations
  • Oracle OPI Certified Partner (Pay At the Counter, Pay at Reception, Pay at Table)


With 25 years of experience crafting solutions for the hospitality industry we help operators craft the best journey for their customers.

From pre-authorisation of services, to ensuring a seamless check-in service, we let your passengers buy what they want when they want it via periodic top-up authorisations in line with their spending on board. And we give you variety of add-ons to make the process easier for you and your customers.
  • DCC
  • Reporting & Portal
  • Data & Business Insights
  • Conversion Optimisation 

We integrate with partners you work with

Managing your hospitality business is complex and involves coordinating numerous suppliers and systems. As your payment partner we integrate seamlessly with numerous platforms, effectively becoming a worry-free component of your workflow.

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