During this current global crisis, we are aware our clients may have questions relating to PXP Financial and our response to COVID-19. Here, we’ve tried our best to answer some of them for you. If you’re in need of further support, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Has Covid-19 impacted PXP Financial, and will this affect me?

We are still in the early stages of lockdown restrictions easing across our European territories but throughout this crisis, your payment processing capabilities have not been disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak. We have measures in place to ensure full business continuity throughout the entirety of this crisis.

We have seen some drastic changes to the verticals we serve, with some suffering economic difficulties, such as the travel, hospitality, retail, events, and ticketing industries. We are working to support you all through this difficult time, whether that’s establishing an online presence, or optimising existing capabilities to cope with changing demands. However your business is affected, we will ensure you receive the best and most efficient customer service support we can offer.

What plans are in place to keep operations running during this period?

When it was clear that COVID-19 was rapidly making its way across the globe, we immediately started putting contingency plans in place to ensure that we would be able to operate and continue to support you. This involved aligning our operations and IT teams to make sure each department and function could effectively work from home, while continuing to imply the right bandwidth, application access, hardware support, and other key tasks needed to keep you all operating as you’re used to.

Thankfully, taking a proactive approach meant that we were well prepared, so when governments issued strict rules about social distancing and lockdowns, the PXP Financial team was able to seamlessly adjust.

Will our offices be re-opening?

Our regional offices have and will continue to change their opening times in-line with the government recommendations in that area. Of course, PXP Financial already has a culture of flexible working and the transition to work from home setup has not affected delivery.

As lockdown restrictions ease and following guidelines from the local authorities, the PXP Financial offices have now started to open, with staff having the choice to work from home if they prefer.  We’ll continue to monitor the situation very closely across each of our offices to ensure that we are providing the most appropriate action for our staff and customers. As our staff and customers are our priority, we will follow the government guidelines carefully. 

What plans are in place to assist our customers in addressing COVID-19?

By now we will have been in touch with you directly to offer reassurance that you will be able to continue to work with us in the same manner you’re used to and have put measures in place to maintain service continuity. Likewise, we continue to maintain a full understanding of factors that may affect your businesses in the face of the virus outbreak. Our process includes regularly updated business forecasts, contingency plans, and engaging with how you plan to manage any financial risk. You will receive daily calls from your client care representative for ongoing updates and developments within your company and from there, we have the information we need to support you in the best possible way.

What measures are in place if our customers are affected by COVID-19?

There is a high likelihood that some of you will find your business affected by COVID-19. If this is the case, we will discuss joint measures that will aim to limit financial risk exposure. These could include delaying funding, building up reserves, and establishing deposit accounts, all to deal with potential refunds or chargebacks.

We are also exploring how we can help you to grow your online business should your card present revenue be affected by the current situation.

How will PXP Financial stay connected to customers?

Whilst we are not holding face to face meetings, we are keeping all other lines of communication open, including video conferencing, phone and email. We have also put new measures in place as we understand that there could be more need for customers to be in touch as you navigate your business operations in the face of COVID-19. This involves integrating an online chat tool to our website, which means that you will be able to get in touch at any time of day or night.

We have made sure that we are not limited in how we are able to interact with our customers, while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

How important is it for merchants to have a strong online presence? How can we support you?

Having an online presence has never been more important for merchants as consumers shift their spending to online. Our team of experts is on hand to evaluate your business’ needs, with the ability to quickly and efficiently establish end-to-end eCommerce capabilities on our platforms. Typical lead cycles through our API integration, and the fact that we provide dedicated integration and commercial support staff, means that you can be live and up and running within an average two-week lead cycle.

For those of you who have existing eCommerce capabilities, you may see a surge in demand for your products or services. It’s important therefore to make sure your systems can cope with increased traffic.

In this effort, our client facing teams have been re-aligned to two main activities – staying close to our existing clients and partners to provide support, and secondly to help any of you who need to convert your business into online commerce with speed.

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