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Implementing a validated P2PE solution can reduce the scope of your PCI DSS requirements. Encryption keys are injected securely into the payment terminal, so card details are not unencrypted until they reach the payment service provider, allowing you to eliminate costs and reduce breach risks.



PXP’s Tokenisation service allows any business wishing to remove sensitive card data held on its infrastructure to tokenise this information via our data centre. This will help you negate risk from cyber threats and offer a user-friendly payment experience across all channels.

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Risk Scoring Platform

Our in-house tool combines the value of different events and may block a transaction if different risk indicators appear at the same time.

Risk Checks

We automatically pass every transaction you make through a range of checks to verify if it matches any fraudulent patterns. With over 100 checks available, we help you minimise fraud across all the channels you operate in.

Smart 3D Secure 2.0 Approach

3DSecure 2.0 helps you secure your business without compromising on conversion. Our risk scoring platform will recognise risky transactions and redirect customers to the card issuing bank’s website where they are asked for a 3DSecure password, protecting you from fraudulent attempts. We make sure legitimate and loyal customers are not impacted and your approval rate doesn’t drop.

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