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From Open Banking to Open Finance and beyond

We have published a new whitepaper to help merchants embrace the evolving open data economy.

In-store digitisation: the secret to high street survival

Find out how the high street can maintain a foothold in an increasingly digital world.

How to fight back against common scams

This ebook has useful tips to help you protect your business and customers against criminals.

Insights for European E-Commerce and retail in 2021

Supporting Businesses and Payments Throughout COVID-19

Card Acquiring Guide

This straightforward guide outlines card acquiring options and gives you tips to find a model that best fits your needs.

Strong customer authentication: Webinar

Watch the recording of our recent SCA webinar.

Differences in Generational Betting

While attending ICE London we spoke to attendees about topical issues relating to payments. This eBook shares our findings.

Strong customer authentication FAQ

Learn more about strong customer authentication with our new FAQ.

Gaming Guide

If you’re operating internationally or across multiple channels download our new guide for the gaming industry.

Are Payments the Key to Maximising Gen Z Appeal for the High Street?

Download your copy of 'Are Payments the Key to Maximising Gen Z Appeal for the High Street?'.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is a leading global speciality retailer. Learn how we enabled their rapid international expansion.

Cruise Ships Guide

Learn more about PXP Financial's managed security services and how they are revolutionising the cruise industry.

Gateway vs Collection

We’ve written this comparison to help business owners decide which solution works best for their company.

Hospitality Guide

This guide outlines how you can offer your guests the very best experience with PXP Financial's managed security services.

Jargon Buster Guide

In our handy A to Z Jargon Buster guide you'll find all the most common payment terminology explained in plain English.

Retail Guide

This guide explores how PXP Financial's range of online and in-store payment solutions can boost your customer experience strategy.

Secure Payments Guide

Learn how PXP Financial's managed security services can help you give your customers the best payment security solution.

What you should know when switching payment providers

Switching payment providers is not a decision to be taken lightly. This guide covers the main points to consider.

Payment Methods Overview

The EU strong customer authentication requirements have evolved over time with the publication of various drafts ...