On-premise payments

Keeping payments simple has never been easier

The on-premise solution is built for sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Food & Beverage and Cruise. It lets merchants manage any payment device across any application from a centralised secure managed service. PXP Financial offers Point to Point Encryption (P2PE), which means customer card data is encrypted directly on the PIN entry device. It remains encrypted until it reaches PXP Financial’s secure processing environment, ensuring systems never see any sensitive data, minimising the impact of a data security compromise.

The hosted platform integrates seamlessly into a variety of POS and PMS software solutions, letting merchants take advantage of further value-added services at the point-of-sale, including Dynamic Currency Conversion, Tax Free , Mobile POS, Pre-authorisations, Split payments and gratuity.

The solution also negates the risk of transaction processing costs spiralling out of control or loss of business through lack of uptime or speed. It gives merchants the control to expand or change business reach quickly and easily, enhancing loyalty by aligning payment capabilities with customer buying choices.

Always on secure processing

With a choice of transaction types, merchants can turn their checkout into a service point. For example, by allowing customers to pre-order items or purchase an item that is not in stock, and for the payment to be completed securely once the item has been dispatched from the fulfilment warehouse.

PXP Financial’s processing capability has already been proven at scale by many customers within the Retail and Hospitality industries and is available pre-accredited in over 30 countries.

Key Benefits

  • Secure and Reliable instore payments
  • Allows secure and reliable instore payments
  • Adapts to the demands consumer buying habits
  • Lets shoppers pay in their own currency
  • Reduces queues with Mobile POS
  • Takes orders for goods instore that are not in stock
  • Allows instore returns for goods ordered online
  • Consolidates reporting from all channels, reducing cost and reconciliation
  • Reduces the PCI burden with Tokenisation and Point 2 Point Encryption
  • Provides real time payment analytics for all channels across all territories

Additional Features

  • Online travel agents
  • Easy integration with many POS and PMS providers
  • Remote Management capabilities
  • EMV certified
  • Centralised, consolidated reporting view
  • Store and Forward (Failover)
  • Tokenisation
  • Merchant receipt
  • Customer VAT receipt
  • Employee ID card swipe or User login to PED
  • Split payment
  • Gratuity
  • Reservations
  • Sales/Refunds
  • Pre-authorisations and Incremental Authorisations
  • Channel management
  • Pre-payment Itemised check
Additional features

Additional features

  • Easy integration with many POS and PMS providers
  • Remote Management
  • EMV certified
  • Centralized, consolidated reporting view across stress, hotels
  • Store and Forward (Failover)
  • Tokenization
  • Merchant receipt
  • Customer VAT receipt