The PXP open financial platform provides payments, professional and financial services to help your business grow.


Whatever your business needs, today or tomorrow, we have a vast array of solutions and features to support your business across all your sales channels.

Point of Sale

The on-premise solution lets merchants manage their payment device across many applications, from a centralised and secure managed service.

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Our eCommerce service allows you to get paid online, providing a frictionless payment experience, catering for all your customers payment needs.

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The acquiring solution lets us connect you to card schemes through both our own acquiring license and wide network of acquiring partners globally.

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A smooth payment journey has a direct impact on conversion rate, customer satisfaction and loyalty. We give you instant access to flexible, device-responsive checkout with a wide range of payment methods, features and security tools across all your sales channels. You have different types of integration to choose from and a variety of add-ons, making your customers’ experience much better.


We believe that if you trade across multiple channels with multiple payment methods, currencies and acquirers, there’s no need to multiply back-end costs, complexity and admin, too.

PXP delivers a many-into-one proposition with a single statement, settlement date and set of rates to minimise payment admin. And whether you do business online, in-store, via mobile, phone or pay by link functionality, we have a solution that will help you expand whenever you need to.

Conversion optimisation

Risk & Fraud management

Business insights



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