Payment Pages

Higher conversion with customisable Checkout Pages

With flexible, device-responsive payment pages, you’ll get access to a wide range of payment methods, features and security tools across all your sales channels. You have two types of integration to choose from and a variety of add-ons, making your customers’ experience much smoother.

Customisable Layout

Customisable Layout

Create a personalised layout of the Checkout to look like your web design. You can customise with your logo, brand colours, transaction description and unique URL.



Embed the Checkout in an iFrame – your customers will not be redirected when making a payment and you can customise the size and area of the frame.

Skin Solution

Skin Solution

You can specify which design to display to your customers for every transaction. Different skins can be displayed dependent on browser, device, time of the day, etc.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Quick integration
  • Full control
  • Simple set-up
  • Data-rich payment page analytics

Integration Types

Hosted Payment Pages

Hosted Payment Pages

With minimum effort you can seamlessly redirect your customer to PXP Financial Payment Pages and make them look like your own:

  • Display your own layout
  • Device responsive
  • Store user account details safely
  • Limit PCI burden
Backend-to-backend Integration

Backend-to-backend Integration

For a full control over the checkout process, you can host payment pages yourself and send payment details to us for processing:

  • Your customers submit their details on your website
  • Easy to implement
  • Full control over data and analytics
  • Backend-to-Backend or Backend-to-Frontend integration

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