Future-proof your payment solution

The Commerce Shift

2020 has most probably changed the customer behaviour and commerce landscape for good. Maintaining the interconnected environment we live in while satisfying the hygiene and safety precautions will be the key challenge moving forward.

Payments play a big role in this shift and can help businesses ensure they keep up with the changes and adjust to the new trends that quickly arise. At PXP Financial we have multiple solutions that can support your business, regardless of industry or channel, through these challenging times.

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The new role of stores

The store of the future will most likely not be like store of past. How has the global pandemic accelerated or arrested changes to the store estate? We look at some possible versions of the future.

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While some of your sales channels may be entirely shut down or restricted, making sure you maximise return from your online sales is key. We work with all types of businesses from retailers and hoteliers to gaming merchants in various countries to improve online conversion. Those who make small tweaks can realise potential big gains, particularly around checkout UX, fraud screening and payment acceptance.

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New sales channels

Having your commerce platform cover all sales channels means you are not dependent on changes or restrictions in one of them and can balance your business during a crisis. Expanding into new channels with PXP Financial is simple – with one single payment partner you can switch on new channels, payment options or territories whenever you need to. Plus, our team of experienced payment experts is here to help and support you whenever you need us.

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New ways to get paid

The recent restrictions have meant that businesses are having to adapt their trading models. And that means exploring new ways to pay and get paid. Take pay by link as an example – you get paid through a link sent to your customers, via SMS or email and they can pick up goods in store without physical interaction with a PIN device. Or you can start taking payments using this new payment method without having an online store set up.

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Contactless Payments in store

There’s no doubt that contactless is becoming more and more established as an everyday way to pay. The usage figures are phenomenal. For example, 75% of all Mastercard transactions across Europe are now contactless, the card giant confirmed.

The recent increase in contactless limit is set to boost contactless acceptance and usage even further. And make shopping quicker, easier and more hygienic for both merchants and consumers.

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Risk and Chargebacks

Monitoring chargebacks and keeping them at a minimum while reducing false positives affecting genuine customers has been more important than ever. But how to make sure you prevent chargebacks from happening in first place?

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